The Rules

On Kindle and Audible
On Kindle and Audible

An ebook available from Kindle and audiobook available from Audible

Personal Protection specialist Ava Rome follows three rules: A professional never calls attention to herself or her principal; a professional never leaves her principal; and, the most important rule, a professional never gets involved with her principal. To break the rules is to die.

Ava’s principal, Paul, comes from a family with many enemies. The greatest threat, however, comes not from the outside, but from Ava’s growing desire. In order to save them both, Ava must leave Paul. But Paul does not want her to leave.

ebook ISBN: 978-0-9848081-3-7

The audio version of The Rules, narrated by Julie Hoverson,  is now available to start 2014 with a bang.  You can find it on Amazon or AudibleThe Rules is also available in the iTunes store—go to Audiobooks > Mystery > Mark Troy.

audiobook isbn: 978-0-9848081-4-4

To get a free copy of The Rules in audio, take this little quiz and enter your contact information in the name and address fields. 

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