The Splintered Paddle

Coming  June 14, 2014 From Five Star Publishing
June 14, 2014
From Five Star PublishingFive Star Publishing, June 2014

From Five Star Publishing

ISBN:1432828592 (ISBN13: 9781432828592)

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Waikiki, Hawaii.

Golden sunshine.

Waving palm trees.

Sparkling blue water.

Private eye Ava Rome has one calling—to protect the defenseless. To Hawaiians, it’s known as the law of the splintered paddle. The law doesn’t require innocence and neither does Ava.

Jenny Mordan is a hooker who falls victim to a police detective who harasses her for sex. She turns to Ava Rome for help. Ava devises a plan to take the detective down.

Cassie Sands is teenager who, failing to find acceptance at home, seeks refuge with a marijuana grower. Ava finds her and returns her to her father after taking down the grower.

Norman Traxler did ten years in San Quentin nurturing his hatred of Ava Rome, the young MP who took him down for assaulting a prostitute. He spent the year after his release stalking Ava, fueled by his desire to take everything away from her before destroying her with a secret from her past.

Ron Nevez is the detective who forgot that his shield bears an image of a splintered paddle. He wants the return of the damning evidence that Jenny took from him.

Alvie Wong is the grower who wants Cassie back.

When Traxler, Nevez, and Wong join forces against her, Ava’s calling, protecting the defenseless, becomes a fight for her life.

This dark thriller takes you on a tour of paradise tourists never see.

Waikiki, Hawaii.

Dark clouds of revenge.

Twisted motives.

A bloody finale.

The Page 69 Test.

What is the page 69 test? Marshall McLuhan suggested that you should choose your reading by turning to page 69 of a book and, if you like it, read it. With that in mind, Marshall Zeringue incorporated The Page 69 Test into his Campaign for the American Reader.

I was pleased that Marshall invited me to put The Splintered Paddle to the page 69 test. Here is the link to the page 69 test of The Splintered Paddle. If you like what you find there, I hope you will read the book.

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